Saturday, October 15, 2016

HRM's shitty video

*page 290

Another late blog post; so this is about the video that we made in our subject in HRM. The video is for our performance appraisal activity. I can't upload the video here because the one who uploaded it in youtube set it as a private video so that no one can find it. Because we looked like shit there. Anyway, I can give you the link. I will post some pictures for you guys to see what I looked like in the video hahaha

Friday, October 14, 2016

SIMON D wannabe

*page 287-289

Another late post guys hahaha, so last Sunday (October 9) I got my haircut done. And I looked like a fuckin mushroom! Look at the before and after pictures below, I looked like shit! The reason I got my haircut is for the nth time, I'm sick of being mistaken as a girl. Well for other people it means pretty boy right? A good thing, well I'll admit that at first I looked it as a compliment but as time goes by I felt like it's an insult? That's why I got sick of being mistaken as a girl and got a haircut.