by - 2/04/2017 07:22:00 PM

Hi guys! This post is very very important and personal for me. Okay, so I guess you're thinking what does +63 means. Basically it is the country code of the Philippines. But for me, it's not the only meaning of it. +63 is the name of the group; no, the family rather that I want to build. The main purpose of this movement? is to help the people who suffers from loneliness, who have suicidal issues, who feels like they are not belong in this world, who feels that they are not loved or important, people who got bullied, etc. I want to take their  problems from them by recruiting? having them to be part of this family. It is also for the aspiring artist here in the Philippines. I want it to be like a platform or place where we "artists" can gather and inspire each other. Lastly, +63 is actually the name for my future band, hopefully.

If you're reading this post, please please spread this, especially if you're a Filipino. Let's help each other to help people in need and let's inspire each other! (:

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